A tinderbox is a small [but powerful] container containing flint, firesteel, and tinder, used together to help kindle a fire.

- Wikipedia Tinderbox Consulting has one goal: to help small business owners challenge the traditional way of running and marketing a small business. Mission: To serve God by serving others. More specifically, my goal is help small business owners be successful in the running and marketing of their businesses.

If Tinderbox Consulting had a tagline, it would be “Working Smarter.” It’s about being intentional in the way you do your work, the way you market, and the way you communicate (internally and externally).

About Josh:
Josh has an exciting and diverse background that has led him to natural expertise in the emerging media space. Working in the fast-paced radio and television news environment, as a news producer and on-air reporter, Josh built a foundation for quick emerging media evolution. Moving into corporate marketing leadership, Josh has both pioneered multi-media branding strategies and led business development initiatives. Josh’s expertise and passion for emerging media has lead him to become one of the up and coming voices in the new media sphere.

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